Find the perfect artists to perform at your event or festival.

We are a music Big Data company. We use data to help make the music industry economy more stable and prosperous.

Thanks to a database of more than 2M artists, we help you locate those artists that best fit your event poster based on the criteria you need: genres, magnitude, projection, ages, sex, platforms or most important social networks.

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The objective is to allow your hiring and investments in musical artists to have a real criterion behind, taking advantage of opportunities that can be escaped without a good data analysis.

Through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we use the appropriate criteria to search, among the more than 2M artists in the world, those most suitable for your event, with the aim of maximizing ticket sales, as well as allowing you to know the audiences of all artists before hiring them.




Demographic Information

Engage and Hype

of all listeners and followers of 2 million artists through 13 social networks and streaming platforms.

Social Media

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Streaming Platforms

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Apple Music – Spotify – Tidal – Youtube – Wikipedia – Deezer 

Soundcloud – Shazam – Amazon Music

How do we help you?

After a meeting, we evaluate your event and its needs. Production stage, artist hiring stage, poster size, event target audience ...

Proposal and budget. We design a personalized proposal for your event, as well as a budget and delivery date.

Execution. We carry out the project by conducting a study in the indicated time and presenting the result on the delivery date.

Follow Up. You will get constant support from Drop.Show when interpreting the data and making decisions based on it. This is done through emails and periodic meetings until the poster with all your artists is closed.

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