Take your company to the top of the music industry.

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Music Marketing

Boost your sales and boost your business with digital marketing specialized in the music industry. For festivals, promoters, record companies, technology companies and businesses within the music industry.

Hunting Stars

Find the artists with the most projection of ticket sales for your event or festival. Through Big Data we analyze the trends of 2M artists and find those that best fit your event.

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Get all the data of the listeners and followers of more than 2M artists through 10 streaming platforms and Social Networks.

Growth, behavior and demographics of your listeners and followers and many more parameters at your fingertips.

Use this data for your own purposes.

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Hire the artists who sell the most tickets, find the artists with the most projection, manage your music career and make smart decisions based on real data.

The future of the music industry in your hands.

Discover our community and what we do for it.

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Grow as a music industry professional with all the content we release every week. Don’t miss a single piece of news and stay up-to-date in our industry.


Access databases, calculators and tools of all kinds to improve your work as a professional in the music industry.

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