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Marketing is not creating needs or selling anything that your customer does not need.  Our way of understanding marketing is a search:

We are going to find the people who need the product or service and make them fall in love with it.  This is what we call value marketing and is the only way to understand the marketing we have at Drop.Show. 

Why do we do digital marketing specialized in companies in the music industry?

We have years of experience in the music industry. We also have experience in the marketing sector and we know that the latter is evolving at great speed and therefore we want to offer companies in the music industry the possibility of dealing with this very agile evolution by remaining at the forefront of the sector thanks to the use of the most advanced technology and methods.


What is digital marketing for music artists?

It is the use of all digital marketing resources focused on locating each music artist’s target audience.

The world has changed, there are no longer just a few stars who succeed thanks to multinationals, now, thanks to the digitalization of music, there are millions of artists living from their music. Whether you are a commercial or independent music artist, among the 7.5 billion people in the world, there are thousands of them waiting to hear your music. 

We give artists the chance to focus on their music while we make sure that the music makes money. 

By tailoring budgets, we want artists of all levels to be able to afford a digital presence that allows their listeners to find them, as well as find their listeners.

Social Media

Get a social network communication that allows you to transmit a defined and attractive brand identity. Make your audience grow, add value and make them fall in love.

Let us apply our knowledge to develop an effective communication plan for your networks. 

Based on the data, we study the content that works best and replicate it.


Social Media for musical artists.

Grow your social media audience and take your message to the next level. Use the most advanced methods to maximize your content visualizations and let us use metrics to make decisions instead of intuition.


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ADS campaigns

Make the most of the money you invest in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Display and LinkedIn payment tools.

In Drop.Show we are specialists in ADS campaigns, our method allows us to create multiple segmentations until we locate your ideal client.

We understand that the way to do this is to measure results at a high level. We believe that the profitability of an ADS payment can always be higher, so our way of working is a constant search for more effective market niches by measuring results of each campaign.

We analyze the effectiveness of the investment by converting the traffic generated, replicating successful campaigns and generating new campaigns with new segmentations and ads, so that we find the channel, message and target increasingly effective.


It is the science of sending advertising to the visitors of our website, without the need for them to have registered on it. 

We call it science because the levels of complexity that can be applied in this modality of ADS is very high.

Can you imagine being able to send a discount only to those people who left a product in your shopping cart, or offer valuable downloadable content to those visitors to the website who did not register?

Remarketing is currently one of the most profitable forms of advertising, since we target visitors to our website, who are then people who already know us and have shown an interest in our company.

Email Marketing

It allows us to maintain communication with potential customers who have registered on our website or downloaded some valuable content from our company.

Email marketing is aimed at providing value to your customer, positioning you as a reference for it, bringing it closer to your company and increasing their willingness to buy, as well as to send offers and service updates, maximizing customer conversion. 

Automated email marketing.

This is the latest inbound marketing technology. It allows us to send emails in an automated way depending on the actions the customer makes on our website, or how he reacts to the previous emails.

For example, if a potential customer has repeatedly visited the “meet the sales team” page but has not made an appointment, it is quite possible that they want to talk to one of your sales agents, but have not done so for some reason. We could send you an email to facilitate this action.

In this way, we automate dozens of emails, so that we create a personalized relationship with the client but automatically. 

Web Design

Have your own website to send qualified traffic and convert it into leads. 

Design the content of your website, transmit the values of your company and create synergies with your customers.

Analyze the behavior of all your web browsers and make your business grow. 

Do you generate sales on your website? Create your own marketplace where you can make sales.

Are you B2B and do you sell through a commercial process? Optimize your website to achieve the highest possible conversion in sales meetings.



What’s the point of having a website if they look for you and can’t find you? We optimize your website so that all potential customers looking for solutions like yours can find you.

SEO is the science of sending organic and stable traffic to your website, positioning it in the search flows of people or companies that proactively look for solutions like yours.


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Metrics & Results

If a pirate without a compass and a map gets nowhere, a marketing agency without metrics will not be able to improve its results or those of its customers. 

Metrics are used to make efficient decisions to improve results. 

That is why we have dedicated a special section to talk specifically about metrics. 

We measure the results of the investment, creating conversion funnels that allow us to understand multiple aspects of our clients’ digital presence.

We discuss some of the most important aspects to be taken into account: 

Falls in the funnel

Locating these falls allows us to know the most harmful errors of the strategies used. If for example the cost per click and sending traffic from the ADS to our website is being very profitable, but the conversion of traffic to registration (leads) is being very low, it is possible that the form is too long, or that the value transmitted by the ad is not consistent with what the client finds on our website. 

Researching the traffic flow in our business model is vital to understanding how to improve our sales. 

Improvement of the content in networks. 

Networking is not a matter of taste, it is a matter of metrics. Growing in networks and positioning ourselves as a company requires publishing the content that our audience likes the most, both commercially and corporately.

CRM Health

Maintaining contact with our CRM is key. This contact has the objective of adding value to our Leads and bringing them closer to our company, positioning us as their choice when buying a solution like ours. 

Measuring the openings, click rates, reading times of our content, response rates and actions to our campaigns will help us detect what has been done well and replicate it and what can be done better and improve it. 

ADS Campaigns

Measuring the result of each segmentation will help us to achieve increasingly profitable investments. 


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