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We continue with the #Unstoppable section. The place where we collect the graphics that we publish on our social networks about the new emerging artists that are attracting the most public attention.

June 17. His name is Robledo and he is from Madrid. He began to publish singles at the end of 2018. During 2019 he was getting a very acceptable listener base, but with “Dime Bbsita” the success was enormous, he published it two months ago, on April 9, and since then he has achieved the rapprochement of more than a million and a half new listeners. A brutal jump.

June 24. She is Vicco and she is not a newcomer at all. In 2015 he released “Mirame”, his debut album, as Victoria Riba, who has also signed some compositions for artists such as María Escarmiento and Edurne. Last year he decided to renew his proposal to embrace the urban, marking the single “On the streets”, released on May 22, a turning point. It has since gained over 80,000 new listeners!

1st of July. His name is Keyan JRN, but in fairness, we have to say that we don’t know much more about him. The artist takes care to keep his personal identity to let his songs speak, and in what way! He barely has five songs on Spotify. On May 2, the first one, “Pana Miguel”, was uploaded, and since then almost 215,000 unique listeners have approached his music. But that is not all. The single already has more than 4 million and a half of reproductions on YouTube. A real unstoppable!

July 7th. Today we introduce you to Almacor. He is from Alicante, and with a dozen published singles he is already drawing the attention of the public who are fond of urban music. He released “Vente”, his first song, in April of last year. Since then it has experienced slow but progressive growth. Until last May he published “I no longer want anything”, which shot up the number of new listeners, getting more than 75,800 in two months.

July 15. This week’s #Unstoppable is LA YOUNG, also known as L.A. Young. He released his first single, “Por amor”, in April of last year. At the end of that same year he published “Como estrellas”, his greatest success to date, but it has been in recent weeks, following the publication of three new singles at the end of May, when the artist has seen his audience increase. More than 72,000 new listeners in the last 60 days.