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We continue with the #imparable section. The place where we collect the graphics that we publish on our social networks about the new emerging artists that are most attracting the attention of the public.

May 20th. One of these jewels that appear from time to time, is that Irenegarry released her first single “Puto Normando” on April 6, but this has been enough to conquer the more than 40,000 listeners she has achieved on Spotify in one month.

May 27th. He is Zeper. A Galician artist who has not stopped growing since last March 27 released “Die In Your Arms”. He followed the rise with “Get Lost,” released on April 24. And it continues unstoppable with “Where Do You Wanna Go?”, Which was released last Friday, May 22. It has already exceeded half a million listeners.

5th June. Her name is Mabbi and she released her first single, “Lejos”, on March 20. Since then she has released two more. “When I can see you” and “Find You”. In these two and a half months it has got 57,500 listeners per month.

June 10th. María Sioke, a young woman from Almería who is hitting the urban music scene, comes to our section, she already has several singles that managed to attract many listeners, but with her latest release “NINIA”, together with Pedro Ladroga, she has started to climb gaining more than 13,000 listeners in a month.