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We continue with the #Unstoppable section. The place where we collect the graphics that we publish on our social networks about the new emerging artists that are attracting the most public attention.

26 of August. Today we introduce you to Jaime Moreno, alias JM, a rapper from Madrid who in the last twelve days has seen his number of listeners go from just over 10,500 to over 26,400. Partly thanks to “Valorarla”, the single he released on August 5. Although his most listened song is still “Last Shot”, the first song that was uploaded to Spotify in December of last year.


September 2nd. He is Antonio Polo, a singer from Bailén (Jaén) who in the first quarter of the year was slowly but steadily gaining followers, until with the release of the single “Loca historia” in March, he managed to make a little more noise. But it was the publication of “Me encantas”, on July 31, which has managed to catapult its number of listeners in recent weeks. More than 40,000 in the last month!

Antonio Polo - Me encantas

September 9. His name is Arzvr, he comes from Jerez de la Frontera, and he is hitting it with “Yo paso a Buscarte”, the single he released with Khaled on June 15th. His most recent release is “Dime”, released on August 14, and since then his audience has not stopped growing. It has already accumulated more than 20,000 new listeners in this last month!

Arzvr - Yo paso a buscarte

16 of September. Its blazing growth has blown up the Drop.Show indicators this week. This is Gio Bermejo, an artist from Madrid whom you have probably seen in television contests such as The number one, La Voz and in the casting of Operación Triunfo 2020. He reached repercussions during the months of April and May on the occasion of the launch of “Die Like to Rockstar “, his first single. On September 4 he published a new song, “Esperando el amor”, skyrocketing his number of listeners: more than 28,000 in just one week!

Gio Bermejo - Die Like a Rockstar