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How are we doing this?

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Digital Marketing

Sell more thanks to the digital marketing specialized in the music industry. Grow your audience and multiply your profits.

The music marketing

Our sector is particular. That’s why we offer you the latest in digital technology that will allow you to grow your audience in RRSS, maximize your business’ clients and grow in turnover.

crecimiento artistas plataformas digitales

Musical Big Data

Our data measures and analyzes the popularity of music artists with the aim of enabling promoters, labels, record companies, managers and artists to make more music profitable.

Access information on the location, behavior, demographics and engagement of listeners and fans of millions of artists.

Why do we do Digital Marketing specialized in companies of the Music Industry?

Decades of experience in the industry have shown us that this is not easy.

Often living off music or having a stable economy is very difficult, and more so in times of pandemic. Our mission? To make your music profitable, to make your event sell tickets, to maximize your customers if you are a B2B company and, in short, that our children can grow up thinking about working in music when they grow up without sounding crazy.

Because we love music

We are promoters, managers, producers, musicians and music lovers. We are also marketing experts, data scientists and development engineers. 

We are united by a single dream: to use technology to grow our clients within the music industry. 

To this end, we have developed a Big Data music platform and put our marketing knowledge at the service of music professionals. 

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