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Email Marketing.

There are multiple ways to do email marketing, but we will highlight 2:

Email campaigns.

These are regular email campaigns, in which valuable or promotional content is programmed to send to customers who have registered on our website. These may contain a specific discount for Father’s Day, a new tool that we have launched from our company, a newsletter, or even a blog post that we think may be of value to our client.

mailing big data

Automated email marketing.

It allows you to send emails in an
automated and personalized way depending on the actions that the client does on our website, or how they react to previous emails.

In this way, each lead will be sent the information they need: a customer ready to buy will be sent an incentive such as a discount or promotion and a customer who does not know much about us, a training post on the value that our company can bring you. 

In addition, with this system we allow the commercial team to focus on capturing the potential customers who are most likely to want to hire our service or buy our product, since each lead has a count of the total interactions they have had with our company.

Do you remember how we used remarketing (to put a hyperlink to the remarketing page) to make highly personalized advertising thanks to cookies?

Well, this is the same but free, because the client has already given us his email and has expressed his interest in us sending him communications. The cookies are linked to the email of the lead that is registered on our website, which allows us to send emails to customers according to the relationship they have with us.

For example, if a potential client has repeatedly consulted the “meet with the sales team” page but has not made an appointment, it is very possible that they want to speak with one of your sales agents, but have not done so for some reason . We could send you an email to facilitate this action.

In this way, we automate dozens of emails, so that we create a personalized relationship with the client but automatically. 

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