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What is Drop.Show?

We are an information software that analyzes data to facilitate the work of different professional segments of the music industry. We handle millions of data from millions of artists, we order them and offer them to you so that your work is much more agile and simple.

We focus on the location and behavior of listeners and artists’ followers, on their growth charts and additional general information that we understand to be useful, as a contact, other artists heard by the same audience or released musical works.

Is Drop.Show right for me?

We target professionals in the music industry such as promoters, managers, record labels and artists.

How do I order? How do I request my products?

Orders are made from the Store, where you can buy services by packs, or independently.

Can I try the services without paying?

You can do a free trial of our service. You can find the form just above, on the services page, or on the home page.

How to effectively use Drop.Show services?

Most common:

1. Request an Influence Ranking with all the artists you are posing for your festival or event. At a glance you can compare its influence in your city.

2. Request your City Report and find out the top 100 artists on Instagram, Spotify and YouTube in your city, understand which genres are the most listened to, what event cycles it has.

3. Ask for the Single Reports of the artists among whom you are doubting to know them in depth and in great detail. Access the contact of managers and analyze their growth or neighboring artists.

If I am not satisfied, will my money be returned?

At Drop.Show we are so sure of our value that if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money without asking you questions. Well, we will ask some questions, but not to discuss the return, but to learn and continue improving our service.

Where does this data come from?

We work and cross data from the main platforms most used by artists and their audiences: Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam, Twitter, Wikipedia…

Can I use Drop.Show services on my own website? API Services.

Yes, you can also use our services to supply your clients. To do this write to