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Single Report

The most complete information about a specific artist and his audience.

Single Report

The most complete information about a specific  artist and his audience.


Get to know the cities where a certain artist is heard the most. Compare your number of listeners with the total number of users who make use of the main streaming platforms in that town. Thus you will discover his real presence.


It is the progression of the general volume of listeners and followers. With this you will be able to know the success that the artist’s last album or single has had, or its general evolution. And remember, an artist who is growing is more likely to continue growing than one who is not.


It is the way to know how faithful the public is to a certain artist. It is measured in comments, likes, views per post and a good amount of additional parameters.

Target audiences

Identificación del perfil del target de un artista concreto en cuanto a edad, sexo y etnia.

contratación musical

Influence Ranking

Compare the impact of up to 20 artists in a given location.

Influence Ranking

Compare the impact of up to 20 artist in a given location.

We relate the location information of listeners and followers to their behavior to determine which artist has the most traction in your city.


Meet the artist who has the largest number of listeners and followers in the city of your event, but at the same time has the lowest number of listeners and followers worldwide. This, to a large extent, will mean less artist cache and you won’t pay for listeners who can’t attend your event,


It is the ratio of the artist’s Spotify listeners in one place to the total active users in that place. This information allows us to know which artist is the protagonist of the moment in a place.


It is engage; the loyalty of the artists’ followers is taken into account to assess the parameters previously mentioned.

The Influence Ranking is the result of crossing these data, with a score of 1 to 10 among the selected artists.

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