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When a user enters our website and accepts our cookies, what it allows is that we can send them communications later as they continue browsing the Internet. 

Today this is one of the most profitable advertisements, because, if we have a good ADS system, the people who enter our website will be real interested in our service or product who have also already browsed our website and know us to a greater or lesser extent.

Not only that, remarketing is configured to impact customers based on what these customers do on our website. That is, depending on the behavior of each client, we will determine what they need and send them information of one kind or another.

Let’s see some examples to better understand the possibilities of remarketing: 

If a customer enters only once and leaves: they may not know enough about us, so we can impact them with more advertising. However, if a customer has already entered but has not clicked on any of our ads again, we can understand that they have been informed of what we do and are not interested in buying, so we will not impact them with advertising again. 

However, if a customer enters and visits multiple pages carefully, but does not buy, they may have questions about us. We can send you an invitation to meet with one of our sales representatives. 

Although the customer has visited the price page multiple times, this may be a problem for him. We can send you a lightning offer with a % discount.

In conclusion, remarketing allows us to manage and administer advertising to highly potential users. 

Therefore, the order of the advertising actions is: 

  1. Very well segmented ADS campaign (include hyperlink to our ADS page).
  2. Remarketing campaign for visitors to our website.
  3. Automated email marketing campaign for those registered on our website (Include hyperlink to the expansion of email marketing information).
  4. Business process for the most interested leads / prospects / potential customers.
  5. Customers level.
  6. Customer satisfaction monitoring.
  7. Improvement of references.

Remarketing serves to maximize the conversion to leads in step number 2, or to maximize the sale in case we do not register leads in our commercial process.

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