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Social Media.

Social networks are the epicenter of communication.  

What is the difference between marketing and communication?

The marketing is the vision of the complete process of a company with the objective of having more sales. From the design of your service or product to the techniques to reach the customer, or for the customer to reach the company.

For its part, communication is the personality of the company. This helps the client feel identified with it, allows him to maintain a relationship with her and adds value long before he becomes your client. 

Social networks are the epicenter of communication since it is where all the clients who look for us will find us and where we will create a community around our brand.

contratacion artistica dropshow

At Drop.Show we believe that communication contains two parts.

An artistic, personal and creative part: the communicative line. And a methodological and technical part: the metrics-based strategy

The communicative line is defined based on the definition of the potential customer of the company. For this, a complete analysis of the company’s client is carried out, which is defined as Buyer Persona: age, gender, main occupation in life, tastes, personal preferences, environments through which they move, type of use made of technology and a long etc. that will help us define a communicative line with which they identify.

The design of the communication line consists of the choice and preparation of all the visual elements of the company with a high level of detail: logo, corporate colors, type of lines, type of font, tone of the conversation when addressing the client , type of designs, the way in which we talk about the company itself and, in general, all the aspects that define the feeling that our company will give to those who see it in any of its media and channels.

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