The #Unstoppable of the month (July-August)

We continue with the #Unstoppable section, the place where we collect the graphics that we publish on our social networks about the new emerging artists that are attracting the most public attention. July 22. His name is Delarue, he comes from Madrid, and since 3rd April last year, he has not stopped growing. The release of his single “Qué Pasa” (“What’s happening”), together with El Morad and El Greco, has already accumulated more than 2 million views on YouTube. Although last year, with “Nuestros modos” (“Our ways”), also together with El Morad, had already been successful accumulating more than 7 million views on the same platform. Recent releases such as “Normal” and “Con los míos” (“With my ones”) have only increased his fan base. Since April, he has attracted more than 103,700 new listeners on Spotify. Delarue - Qué pasó July 29. He is Dudiipxxsy, and in just one month he has garnered the attention of more than 56,000 new listeners. Eduardo Torres (the name of the artist) released his first songs in 2018, but their results had been modest until 27th June last year, when he published the single “Like Aron Piper” with Beja. The theme has skyrocketed in popularity, getting into the TOP50 Spain Virals on Spotify. Dudiipxssy August 5. Gullypabs is an English rapper based in Spain. Specifically in Jávea. He released his first works in August last year and has been experiencing progressive growth, but it has been in the last 60 days that his songs have aroused great interest, adding more than 95,000 new listeners. Particularly since the release of “Olè”, published on July 17th. A very remarkable jump! Gullypabs August 12. Beny Jr has not stopped growing since he released his single “Kawasaki” on March 13, which has already accumulated more than two million views on Spotify and more than three and a half million views on YouTube. Since then, he has released six more singles that have helped to strengthen the interest aroused by the artist, getting, in addition, a quite prominent new boost with “Trap and Love”, his debut in full length format. Everything seems to indicate that he has a great summer ahead! Beny Jr - Kawasaki August 19. More than 74,000 new listeners have reached Camin in the last sixty days. The artist comes from Granada, and in recent months he has not stopped releasing songs that arouse great interest among the public. First it was “Gan-Ga”, and then “Tu nombre” (“Your name”) and “Tus celos” (“Your jealousy”). They are not his only works, but they are the most prominent. Between the three, they accumulate one and a half million views on Spotify and more than three and a half million views on YouTube. We will have to follow him closely! Camin - Tu Nombre


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