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Record Labels

Know the artists with the highest growth rate.

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Optimize your artists´ tours with the location data.

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 Compare artists and find out who are the most sought after in the city of your event.

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Get to know yourself  better than anyone else and become your best introduction letter.

Jumping to musical Big Data or how it will optimize your working process. 

Detailed data of more than two million artists that will make your work easier; engage, location of audiences, growth charts and much more.

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Single Report.

The most complete information about an artist and his audience; Engage and demographic rates of audiences, listeners and followers´  location data, artist´s growth on digital platforms, similar artists, and much more.

Influence Ranking.

A document that will help you make decisions by comparing different artists in the same city.
The result is presented in a ranking, where artists´  positions within the ranking responds to the score derived from their focus, presence and engage data.

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