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The future of the music industry has arrived

Analyze data from the top social media and streaming platforms of over 1.5M artists from around the world.

*No credit card required

Find information that you need about the artist whenever you want with our platform in real time

A catalog of artists made up of almost all active artists in the west

Filter by country, music genre, number of listeners or growth among many other criteria.

Analyze their evolution on social networks and platforms like Youtube or Spotify, get information about their audience’s demographic or find out where they are most listened to.

Organize artists by folders in your custom dashboard and keep everything under control.

You will be able to view data from:

And all collected on the same platform

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Find out how the music industry works. Learn and grow as a professional.


Save time and effort in your work. Get useful databases, templates, and other resources to help you improve your tasks.

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