How to use airplay data when promoting your music

Once your music is released you might be so fortunate that radio stations will play your music. There are now tools to know which stations are playing it, in real-time.

Essentially, getting insight into your radio airplay is simply a way of seeing who is consuming your music.

But WARM radio tracking is a useful tool for many different purposes and once you have this information, there are many ways to take advantage of it and use it to take your career to the next level. 

Make informed decisions 

It’s easy to waste a lot of time and money on promoting your music. It can be hard to get added to the right streaming playlists, and get media placements and blogs features.

Before you pitch your music to radio stations or pay for social media ads, it’s great to have a hunch of where to start. That’s why we recommend gathering information and data from different services before you pay for promotion or start sending out emails.

Check your Spotify For Artists, WARM airplay data, Shazam data, Instagram insights, etc. to get a full overview of where people are listening to your music. Put the bits and pieces together and plan your next steps in collaboration with your team.

See where your music is trending right now!

Unexpected things can happen, and you should make sure to notice it and be ready to act when it happens.

Make sure to monitor your music in real-time. It could be that your music video on YouTube is suddenly is trending in some region, or suddenly gets airplay spins in some country or city.

This can help you predict where your song will take off, and you should nurture and support the song and enhance the promotion efforts on different platforms accordingly. 

warm radio monitoring

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Share Your Radio Plays

Sharing information about your radio airplay on social media not only increases your credibility but also supports the radio station at the same time. Radio programmers and DJs love this and will make them like you even more.

Connecting with radio stations in person is a great way to build relationships. See if you can do a tour of radio stations giving interviews and perhaps even in-studio performances.

This will strengthen your relationship and help keep you in rotation. Hopefully, the radio stations will be more likely to play your future singles. 

Where is similar music trending?

If radio stations aren’t playing your music yet, there are different ways to go about it.

It’s possible to hire radio promoters who can pitch your music to specific and relevant radio stations. But you can also choose to be your own DIY radio promoter.

Your song may be in a specific genre and it has some similarities to another piece of music that you know of. Start off by monitoring other songs. Do a search for artists whose music is similar to yours and see where they are getting airplay.

This will quickly provide you with a list of relevant radio stations and radio shows to target. Spy on your competitors, so to say.

This approach may also apply to steaming playlists, music blogs, etc

Use data to go on tour

Use data from WARM to get insight into where people are consuming your music and use it to target countries and cities when planning your tour.

Organizing concerts is a risky business. The more evidence you can bring the concert promoter showing that people in their area are actually consuming your music, the more willing the promoter will be to take a risk on booking you.

Show them your past results and show them the proof that real people listen to your music.

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