How to create a collaborative Playlist on Spotify?

We show you step by step how to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify.


The Collaborative Playlist function on Spotify allows you to create group playlists where it is possible for all members to participate in creating a tracklist. Since their launch in 2008, this type of Playlist has been a huge success and has evolved even more to show who added what track and when. Collaborative Playlists are available on computer, tablet or mobile and all members have the ability to add, rearrange and delete songs without any limit. Another positive point is that there is no need for a premium subscription for collaborative playback: they are available to Spotify Free members.

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Steps to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify

Creating a collaborative playlist on Spotify couldn’t be easier. The entire process takes around 30 seconds (from start to finish), regardless of whether it is on a computer or mobile device.


  • Step 1: On the left menu of Spotify select “New List”
  • Step 2: Once a new Playlist is created in a standard way, we must make it collaborative, for this: right click on the list and select “Collaborative Playlist

Steps to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify

  • Step 3: Again, right click on the list and “Share
  • Step 4:  Share the link with all the members you want to participate in the list


  • Step 1: Inside the library we create a new Playlist
  • Step 2: Then we enter the playlist and select the three points to enter the list settings and click on “Make Collaborative

Steps to create a collaborative playlist on spotify from mobile

  • Step 3: Like in the desktop version, finally, you just have to share


Remember: If you have the collaborative playlist, you can disable the collaboration feature if things get a little out of control.


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