Get the most out of Drop.Show with Drop Academy

Big Data is already a fully established reality that is revolutionizing all professional sectors. Also that of music.

Managing vast amounts of information in an orderly and agile way brings us closer to understanding the reality of the musical environment in a more objective way and helps us optimize our work in many ways.

That is the role of Drop.Show: to put Big Data at the service of the music industry to help its professionals make better decisions, better focusing your efforts and putting an end to the uncertainty of the sector by analyzing real statistics. At the same time we save considerable time in the search and management of tedious databases to find the best option, whether you are looking for an artist to perform in your city or organizing a concert tour and you need to know which cities are the best.

For this reason we base our service on three fundamental adjectives: simpler, faster, more efficient. Do more and better with less effort.

We are aware of the great change that this implies. The music industry will demand the development of new skills for promoters, managers and artists, such as knowing how to interpret appropriately the various data we obtain.

It is precisely to facilitate this transition that we launched Drop Academy. So that you get the most out of the information we provide.

In this first publication we take a tour of our website, we show you how to use the service, the different products that we put at your disposal and the process to follow so that you can start enjoying all the advantages that Big Data offers. Welcome to the Academy. 
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