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Comparador de artistas

The Artist Comparator as a working tool


Now that you know the advantages of Big Data you may have realized the importance of systematic data collection for analyze them and improve your hiring. Music streaming platforms and social networks are multiple, and each one provides us with valuable information: listeners, followers, views, interactions, etc.

But this is not enough to ensure a good recruitment. Other parameters such as whether an artist is growing or not, if it has hype or engage, the date of your last visit to the city, your departure cache and the estimated ticket sales are some of the aspects that we should not overlook. It will be this set of data that shows us the suitability of a contract.

For this reason, collecting them to consider hiring an artist or band must be organized and rigorous. More reliable the more comprehensive. In a sea of ​​data, such as the internet, and with so many sources of information, order becomes essential to adequately analyze the viability of each artist. The data should give us clarity and not become a disorganized accumulation of information.


Manage your hiring from a single place and don’t let anything escape you.


Aware of the time it takes, not only to collect data, but also to propose a system with which to structure and manage them so that they serve our purposes, we put at your disposal our Artist Comparator.

It is a tool that has more than 25 parameters that They will guide you in the process of collecting information, they will help you to measure the scope of an artist and to follow their negotiation: data from streaming platforms, social networks, numbers referring to the hiring, sections for the artist’s event history and contact details. So that nothing escapes you. And all in one document.

With it you can streamline the process of comparison between artists and quickly decide which is your best option to hire:

  • Clearly organize the data of the different artists to know their scope.
  • Get a very visual comparison.
  • Make better decisions based on objective data.
  • Write down observations and follow up on the status of the negotiation with the artist.

Download it by clicking the button below and start optimizing your hires.

download comparator artists


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