6 tips you should know before hiring a musical artist.

When we are going to hire an artist for our festival, or if we are producers and we are going to hire it for a one-time event or a tour, we risk a lot of money in hiring the artist, production and marketing. Nothing new on the horizon, right? In this post we are going to analyze some essential points to keep in mind before hiring a musical artist.  

1. How many tickets has this artist sold in other cities?

Call the establishment where he has performed and ask. You are workmates and it is not usually a problem. Offer them your ticket sales information that may be useful to them.

For dates in your city, try to find someone who has attended last year and ask how many people were there. In the artist analysis that we offer from Drop.Show we offer the event history and its capacity, you can do a free trial with us whenever you want.

Fact: do not trust this alone, many times, to save a show, the promoters invite friends and friends of friends to fill large spaces without charging entry to make money selling drinks.  

2. Festivals.

If the artist has performed in many festivals in the last year, although he has not performed in your city, it is possible that part of his potential audience has already seen him in these events.  

3. Future dates and production costs.

 If the artist plans dates close to your city, try to match a date close and negotiate to reduce the cache with the manager by reducing the production costs of transport.  

4. Future dates of other artists.

 Look at all the dates of similar genres in your city, they will have a similar audience and, if you put it the same day, you will reduce your ticket sales. For this, the city reports with all the future events that we offer on Drop.Show, as well as the genres of the event histories are useful.  

5. Past dates and neighborhoods.

  If the artist has recently been in the city, fewer people will buy tickets, since it is more difficult for them to go again.

For very large artists, legends, it may be good to leave up to five years between date and date in the same city, but surely this is not your case.

Fact: For “legendary” artists, the problem is not the date, but getting the exclusive contract. For medium artists the normal thing is once a year. For small artists it depends on the manager’s growth strategy. They may be interested in playing many times to make themselves known, since they will sell little by themselves in any case.  

6. Gauging of spaces of past and future dates.

  Looking at the capacity of the spaces of all the artist’s dates will give us a close idea of ​​its magnitude. It is an ambiguous indicator but easy to look at and very important. Work all this data in an excel document and compare it with the listeners and followers of the artist, as well as his growth. For this, our blog post can be useful: How to analyze the digital presence of a musical artist.


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