The music marketing plan for artists and companies

Digital marketing is currently the most important tool in the business world. It transformed the traditional way of doing marketing, that is, the vision of how companies use communication tools to promote their businesses. A marketing plan for artists needs a specific and even creative strategy design, due to the level of competition that exists in the music industry.

A digital marketing plan for artists and companies in the music industry cannot be developed by just any manager, because due to the particular way in which the music industry is handled and the promotion of artists, only a company specialized in marketing , with experienced professionals in the area, could guarantee success. It is a world in which experience is a deciding factor.

It is important to emphasize that digital marketing strategies in the music industry are conditioned by several reasons: first, the online universe has diversified the positioning options of an artist, but it has also increased competition, and is even much more difficult than which occurred years before the internet was a fundamental part of the world’s social and economic dynamics. Second, the online universe has shaped the way in which artists are perceived and the way music products are consumed, and of course, the level of demand from the public is even higher. Third, the power is held by the final consumer of the musical product, that is the heart of the matter, why digital marketing is the strategic pillar of the industry to which it refers.

Music marketing plan

What is the digital marketing plan in the music industry?

Record labels constantly expose their most elementary axiom implicitly: producing what a segment of the public wants to hear, that is, playing it safe, but that does not mean it is easy, positioning is a matter of investment of resources and a lot of creativity. The digital marketing plan is where the strategy and action methodology are reflected. The present generations mostly consume products that they know from digital media. Mainly, this is where their life revolves, not to mention that most of those who belong to the millennial generation are assiduous workers on the web, and their social interactions regularly take place in the digital network. Therefore, what is sought after is to sell, musical products are more adapted to the tastes and preferences due to the diversity connected online.

What does the Digital Marketing Plan for artists and companies in the music industry contain?

The digital marketing plan includes: analysis, objectives, strategies, action plan, monitoring and control. The source of success is in the strategies and planning of the marketing plan that are applied accordingly.

Digital music marketing


This consists of doing a study of opportunities, threats regarding the environment, strengths and opportunities. The SWOT analysis scheme is often applied. This analysis is internal: gender, artist or group, that is, what has to be offered, resources, sales structure, style and the projection of the presence on social networks. External: it is to identify all those elements that could affect the product to be promoted, but which is beyond the control of the company. There are three elements that are taken into account: PESTEL (they are variables identified as: political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal), competition and the market, or target market.


In a digital marketing plan, the objectives are the raison d’être of the entire project. They are the helm of each of the actions and strategies that are undertaken in order to guarantee the consolidation and success of the musical product in the market. The establishment of objectives provides the clarity that the advertising team deserves to combine all the actions.


In this section it is important to mention that the strategies can be schematic, which have to do with the operating scheme of marketing in the digital world, and other strategies in which the creativity of the advertising team intervenes, or the expansion of the strategies marketing in general, such as merchandising. Let’s see the most important strategies:

  • Acquire a web hosting, that guarantees the presence in the online universe in a formal way. In this case, you have to go to the best in the sector to guarantee web pages that efficiently support the visibility and traffic rules of the products and artists of the music industry.

  • Promotion on social networks, to publicize the artist or group. It is not selling out, it is giving the public the opportunity to meet, listen, interact and live the experience.

  • The distribution of music on the different digital platforms. It’s not that people are going to have to go to the artist’s or record label’s website to see the artist’s demos. In reality, the digital marketing strategy consists of spreading it in the strategic networks where the target audience is concentrated.

  • Establish contact with fashion influencers and apply the influencer marketing strategy. This is important, because influencers have: repercussion, positive reputation, they reach their community on different platforms, constantly and their followers take their opinion into account when making purchase decisions.

Online marketing for artists

Action plan

It is the roadmap in which the organizational guidelines of the digital marketing plan are constituted. As well as the set of fundamental tasks for the achievement of objectives and goals. It is through the action plan that the marketing strategies are coordinated and also commitments are generated in the work team in order to consolidate the product in the target market and position it in the online universe.

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