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Optimize the sale of tickets for your concert or festival


Organizing a concert or festival is not easy. There are many variables to consider for an event to be a success of attendance and, therefore, of ticket sales. This is an important aspect for all the agents involved in the industry, but not only from an economic perspective, but also from a reputational perspective. Who doesn’t want to see a “no tickets” sign for their event? The claim, in this case the artist or artists on duty, are important, but not everything depends exclusively on them. There are many decisions that, as promoters, are essential to take so as not to leave the show solely in the hands of the artist’s ability to convene, since there are multiple external factors that determine it and that we have the possibility to direct. The fundamental categories that we must take into account to optimize ticket sales and turn an event with potential into one with guarantees of success are three:  
  • Marketing.
  • Production.
  • Artists.
That is why we have prepared a guide in which we detail each of these blocks in order to help you improve the performance of your concerts. This document contains, among others:
  • Channels and sources necessary for effective communication.
  • Production decisions to take into consideration.
  • Key aspects for hiring artists.
In a previous post we already talked about how to organize an event, and this is the perfect complement to get the best out of it. Download the guide for free and focus your efforts more efficiently.
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