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The contact book, a key resource for success


When organizing a successful event, internal aspects, related to the event itself, are as important as external aspects or less related to production. We know the suitability of finding the right date, hiring a good artist, having the right venue, etc., as we already discussed in this other post. But just as valuable as fine-tuning production, is carrying out appropriate communication work, and for this it is essential to have a good contact schedule.

Social networks have greatly simplified the process, since it is now easy to create an advertisement on any of them and segment the audience to inform the potential listener of the events that interest them most in relation to the world of music. However, the different media continue to be a fundamental ally when it comes to spreading the word about celebrating our event.

There are different types: written, audiovisual or radio; generalists and specialists; national, regional or provincial in scope; Exclusively digital or with paper editions, and having access to them, as well as establishing a good professional relationship with them is essential.

A media plan is key to carrying out our marketing actions in a satisfactory way, and if this promotional action is already laborious, let alone the search for the appropriate channels and their contact. It is a process that requires time that many times we do not have. Therefore, in order to streamline the work of professionals in the music industry, we have developed a database with:

  • 2,000 media from Spain.
  • The email and phone number of each one of them.
  • Ordered by autonomous communities and provinces.
  • Categorized according to their format (TV, radio, newspaper, digital media …).

You can get it for free by clicking on the button below. We hope you find it useful.




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