#Unstoppable. The section for the most popular emerging artists.

If there’s one thing that characterizes the Drop.Show team, it’s their passion for music. The project is made up of music promoters who understand the needs of this group, and this Big Data project is mainly intended for them. But as hardened music lovers, we also have a commitment to musicians. Especially with those emerging artists and bands that today give support and variety to local scenes and will become tomorrow’s best sellers. With that profile and as managers of a database with huge amounts of information about musical artists, we saw ourselves as a moral obligation to strengthen the relations of both groups, providing promoters with information about the artists that are emerging and in which cities, while giving visibility and encouraging the recruitment (or at least the monitoring) of new talents. This is how we launched the #Unstoppable section on social networks. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we encourage you to publish the graphics that show how an artist or band is being catapulted by an audience that enjoys their songs and that, therefore, there is a good chance that they will demand a live show from that artist. It is important to clarify that this is not a section sponsored by artists, management agencies or booking, nor is it a recommendation based on our personal tastes. We do not want to play at being the gurus of the music industry nor do we enter to judge the quality of the musicians and their works. We are completely impartial and work on this aspect in an objective way, based on the data we collect from popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify. The users of these services are in charge, and we are a mere showcase of what is brewing. So, we go on to collect and present the #Unstoppable that we have had so far. Some of the artists were featured months ago, so we will update the trend they have followed in this time period. We premiered our section in October with Delaossa. The Malaga artist has not stopped growing since he launched “La Placita” last July in collaboration with Easy-S. More than 270,000 listeners then approached the artist, as you can see in our graph. In these months his popularity has not stopped growing, and currently there are 480,000 monthly listeners who enjoy his music. In December we were surprised by singer-songwriter Carmen Boza, who, since her collaboration on Julia Medina’s debut album (OT 2018), first, and the release of the single “Un golpe de suerte” (“A stroke of luck”) that she released later, have increased her number of monthly listeners to the 120,000. A figure that in this time has remained stable. We echoed the steamroller that was Travis Birds in January. His is the song “Coyote”, which opens the series “El Embarcadero” (“The Pier”) by Movistar +. In addition to participating in the album “Tributo a Sabina. Ni tan joven ni tan viejo” (“Tribute to Sabina. Neither so young nor so old”). 300,000 listeners were drawn in to the artist between November and January. She reached her peak in mid-February, when she reached 389,000 active users. Now the number has dropped slightly. Our most recent #Unstoppable is Pole., Which since it released its single “Bandida” (“crook”) in February has added more than 500 thousand listeners. And it keeps going up thanks to his new song, “Merece la pena” (“be worthwhile”), released on March 6. Don’t miss him! This compilation marks the birth of a new section on our blog that we will update weekly. So we encourage you to be attentive to it to know which artist is emerging and to follow it up. Be the first to hire the next best seller!


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