What is a committee of sages and why is it important?

The importance of your social circle’s opinion on the success of an artist in your city is based on a statistical theory: to know the opinion of 100% of a group, the sample analyzed does not usually exceed 1% or 2%.

That is, if an artist has 5,000 listeners in a city, of whom 3,000 are potential ticket buyers, knowing the opinion of 30 potential buyers is highly representative.

ATTENTION: This is just a way of saying that the opinion of some fans of the artist in the city can be very representative, let’s not dismiss it. The concrete statistical formulas for each case are much more complex and we are not going to go into detail, at least in this post.

We can often think: “There are only 10 people, what will they know?” Forget about it, your opinion is very important and represents a much larger group. Nurture the statistical data of followers and listeners of an artist in your city. Ask them personally.

ATTENTION: A fan will always tell you that they would probably attend. We are not interested in that information. Questions are very important if we want the right answer. The objective is not to know if a die-hard fan will come, but rather to provide us with the information we need about the group that shares admiration around a certain artist and / or a specific genre. The idea is to meet the base audience.

To get information from 30 or 50 people, it is not necessary to ask as many individuals, but to choose 5 or 10. Those you consider. The more the better, but without wasting your time for exceeding yourself.

And what to ask our committee of wise men?

  • Meet the fan. Do you listen to this artist? For how long and how often? How did you know about him? What other similar artists do you listen to? Have you already seen it live?
  • Access what the fan knows about the social circle that interests you. How many people do you know who listen to this genre of music? How many people do you know who listen to this artist? Do you think you and your friends would go to this artist’s concert? What events have you been to in the past years / months?
  • Make it reactive. Thank the fan for their time and information, tell them that you will do what you can to bring their favorite artists. Let them know that you are open to suggestions. This informant will tell you who is starting to stand out from his social circle.
  • Contrast the information from the fans. If you access the Drop.Show service, you can see how many listeners and followers each artist has in your city and their loyalty. As well as knowing how much it is growing globally. This will give you an idea of ​​whether the artist really represents an opportunity.

But… How do you find fans in a city?

Don’t be embarrassed. If you have acquaintances, ask everyone. Ask who they know has a predilection for a particular genre of music. Or local artists attached to a style, they know many similar artists and will give you valuable information. They will also be delighted to speak with a music promoter. These local groups know the entire social fabric of the city around this genre. In conclusion: contacts of contacts. Ask for them, it is for a good reason and they usually have no problem. Later, those who have helped you the most, reward them with a free concert ticket. After all, it is a mutual benefit. At first this can take a long time, but when you automate it it is very fast. You collect all your committee of wise men in an excel table, you take care of them and accumulate them. This will generate a relationship with them that in the future you can also thank on a personal level.


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