Where are the listeners of the artists you are going to hire?

It is important to clarify that this information is not publicly accessible. At Drop.Show we are experts in Big Data and we sell it for you to make it profitable for a price that you can consult here, with its corresponding free trial.

Often there will be artists who grow at high speed and it seems that they will work everywhere. However, to avoid major problems in the future, it should be clear that a listener very far from your town, will not generate a sale.

At Drop.Show we work on the following location and behavior information.

  • Artist Spotify listeners city and total active Spotify users in that city.
  • City of the artist’s Instagram followers.
  • Behavior (or engage) of the artist on Instagram. It is measured thanks to the amount of followers’ interactions with the artist’s content. Measure fidelity. Pay attention to this point so as not to confuse it with Hype.

We use this information and cross it to generate two indicators.

  • Spotify and Instagram focus: It is the division of the listeners and followers of an artist in a city between the total listeners and followers of that artist. This will help us avoid paying cache for listeners who are not from your city.
  • Presence: Division of an artist’s listeners in a city among active Spotify users in that city.

How do we offer this information to maximize the profitability of artistic contracting?

1. Single Report.

It is an analysis of a specific artist in which we can know:

  • Location of listeners and followers, as well as analysis of influence by cities.
  • Demographic behavior and data.
  • The absolute numbers of listeners and followers, as well as their growth (visit our post “How to analyze the digital presence of musical artists“).
  • Additional data: contact, artists heard by the same type of audience, music releases, events and capacity …

2. Ranking of Influence.

It is a comparison that crosses all the location and behavior information that we have just seen to determine which artists are most influential in the city of our event. It is up to the promoter to relate this information to the caches that each artist costs us to find those that we must hire based on what our city wants to hear.

Let’s not forget: this is just data. A good promoter is also a good artist. Strive to make personal events and bet on music that will surprise your customers.

3. City report.

It is a report with the essential data that you should know about your city. Contains the following information:

  • Top 100 most listened artists on Spotify in that city.
  • Top 100 most listened artists on YouTube in that city.
  • Top 100 most followed artists on Instagram of that city.
  • Artists who are from the city.
  • Programming of songkick events in the city.

The city report is very important to understand how your locality works. But it is possible that many of the artists are too big, because you will only have the top 100 of the most listened to and perhaps you work on other margins. Therefore, the most interesting thing is to contrast the information in the city reports with that of the influence rankings for your artistic selections of your festival or event programming.


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