I want to organize an event. Where do I begin?

Planning or organizing music events can be carried out in different ways. Either if it is with an event´s agency or individually, here are some tips that can help you.

Whenever someone wants to organize any type of event, and specifically if it is about music, there is no practical reference. Perhaps very general and sometimes extensive information, but what we want is something simple, useful. This post is not a manual, but it does serve to clarify the basic concepts in this area.

Every year, in the subject I teach at the university, my students have to organize a musical event and they must ask themselves several basic questions before starting to work: where, when, who and how. These are very simple questions, but once you start answering them, problems start to arise.

There is no pre-established order, because everything has to fit together and it depends a lot on whether you know which artist you want to perform, if you already have it closed, if it is a tour in which you only have a couple of days for that city, how many people can bring , etc.

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Very useful information is provided by the Drop.Show platform, because it provides you with a report on the band that interests you, you can make comparisons with others and decide on the best option. That is, it helps you decide who.

For example, with the report you will be able to know the acceptance of that band in each city, if it has many followers on Instagram, how they have grown in recent months or if there has been a considerable increase in their listeners on Spotify. This will help you answer another of the questions: where to hold the event, whether in a room with more or less capacity.

Unless you have a date already decided or closed for some reason, you will think about when the most appropriate day is. Although it seems that there are many days to organize it, the truth is that there are not so many “perfect” days because, as usually happens, everyone has thought of the same date as you.

It depends a lot on the city, but between Christmas, Easter, summer, fairs, national days, etc, and adding to this the festivals and other important cultural events that take place in the city, there is not much left. Drop.Show also provides data on each city, something that of course will help us a lot when selecting the date.

Now comes the final question: how do we do it?

Well knowing the “best” date to do the event in that specific city, knowing the engage or acceptance of that band and, therefore, the capacity you need, you can calculate the price at which you can put the ticket, taking into account the cache (with all its requirements, rider, etc …) that the band asks you for. With all the information provided by the reports and comparisons you can decide if the cache that the band asks you for is adequate for the event to be profitable.

Although you have already decided on all of this, there is still a lot to do to make everything work out, of course, but it is the first steps. Once these decisions have been made, the stay, the trip, the diet, the production of the event “in situ”, etc … must be organized, but we will leave this for another post.


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