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contratacion musical

The importance of studying musical artists in the media.


Among the many aspects to study to decipher the probability that an artist has to sell a quantity or another of tickets, the media are the most difficult to decipher. We will quickly know what relevance an artist has after a couple of searches on Google. But from there, to know the repercussion of the same in ticket sales, there is a long way. Just as we should not be carried away by hype so that fashions do not play tricks on us.

The media is one of the Old School’s forms of promotion and indicators. When there was nothing, this could be very important: among the blind, the king is one-eyed.

Currently, however, the digital presence in reproductions, followers and other data such as gauging that has visited, tour history and a long etc, are much more faithful indicators.

However, despite all the aforementioned, consulting the current media of an artist before hiring him is mandatory.

This is so for several reasons:

  • They will give us a very quick indicator of where this artist is.
  • It is possible that the artist is more traditional and does not have many streaming reproductions, but a lot of presence in the media, and this must be taken into account.
  • The artist may be small yet, he does not have a career, but he has just started to appear in many media for some reason that has made him viral, or because he has started a promotional campaign. This will be an indicator that it will grow a lot.
  • The media will tell us a lot about how the artist is seen by the general public. If you have just had a scandal for some serious reason, such as machismo or another example, you should know before hiring it.
  • The press knows its audience very well. If they get news of an artist of a certain style, it is because they think it will be of interest to their readers. This means that the media can help us know what kind of audience the artist we want to hire attracts.

To hire an artist, the promoter must imagine that she is their manager. All the data that your representative must consider to manage an artist must be tried to find out and interpreted by a promoter to reach agreements. And remember to specify all the clauses that you consider appropriate in the contract.

Did you know that up to 9 out of 10 cached artist hiring negotiations between managers and promoters fail? Try to reduce your percentage of failed negotiations and you will be maximizing your productivity as a hiring manager or booker.


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